Cartoon Wars




Tower defense meets violent arcade with cartoons


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Cartoon Wars is a video game that combines elements of traditional tower defense games, with other much more frantic genres. The result is an action and strategy game in 2D in which you have to use different troops to defeat your enemies.

The gameplay in Cartoon Wars is pretty simple: you have to summon creatures using mana, which replenishes itself with time. Weaker creatures cost less to summon, but also die faster in the hands of the enemy; while the strongest summons require a lot of mana but are worth it.

In Cartoon Wars you can find 20 different types of units, with more than a dozen improvements. Warriors, ninjas, gunslingers, mages, angels, golems, are just some of the creatures you can summon. You can also build different towers to help you get more mana.

Cartoon Wars is a really fun game that, just by using doodles, can offer a frantic and entertaining experience.
By Álvaro Toledo

Requires Android 2.2 or higher

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